ŴħA† σ…….

What If

I was a Prince

The Prince of Paradise

Would you make a promise?

That you will not marry anyone else

That I’ll be all that makes sense
What If

I was a billionaire

The only one willing to share

Not only my wealth but my love as we prepare

For our wedding hoping the future will be fair

Our children growing as we stare
What If

I was a soldier 

Fighting in wars which is unhealthier

Sometimes making our love icier

Would you still care for us?

Would you  still love me?



I am sinner

I am a lost sheep

I am a disappointment to you

But you believe in me

You still love me


You give me life

You still give me health

You still cloth me, give me food n water

In your name, I exist

You are powerful


I belive in You

And I want to thank You

And I’m sorry n asks for your mercy

And I seek your guidance

For I repent


Dear God of heaven n earth

Save me n help me be good

For You are the only One who can

I trust in You God

Thank you



You cry day and night
Tears flowing from your chubby cheeks

Your eyes turn red every time you think of him

No eating, bathing or drinking because of him

Him that despised your personality

Him that crushed your desire for love

Him that extinguished your fire for living and happiness

Moses! Moses! Moses!

Let me be your Moses!

Let me save you from the bad blood

Let me fight your ghost

Let me lead you to the future

Future of grace, humility and love

Future of kindness and peace

Future of health and life

Future of waters and Blueberries 

Let me lead you to Canaan even if I won’t be there

Free world of no limits and hate

Make me your Moses!

Letters of Beauty

Forests are green,-green forever, life giver

And just like they are the worlds hope, your love, dear, makes me

O Love O Heart, you are beautiful in all languages but most so in yours

How happy I would be if I could assist you at your undressing

The divine and ravishing firm breasts, the adorable face

The midnight-black hair tied up in a beauteous scarf

With those red rose-leaf lips of yours made for the madness of kissing, kissing and kissing

Living within you is to live in King Solomon’s palace, kisses on your mouth, your eyes, your breasts, everywhere, everywhere

I already love in you your beauty, and your soul

I would like to paint you, but there are no colors that will match you

Because your slim gilt soul and light body walks between passion & poetry

I have read this letter in your garden;-my love, your favorite words

You gave me your grace, your light & your warmth

Funny was that I couldn’t say je t’aime &je t’adore as I longed to do

But always remember that I am saying it, going to sleep with you in my heart

Think of me sometimes, when the Alps & ocean divide us, but they never will unless you wish it

My love, my love , my beauty

Father’s Love

Tall or short, fat or skinny

He is the reason you are you

He is the head of the house

He is the strength & muscles

That is my father, your father


Gold or sheeps, wealth or peasant famer

Bread & meat he brings

Fees & books he brings

Shelter & clothing he brings

That is my father, your father


Young or old, devorced or married

Will scold, beat & punish you

Will be strict & restrict you

Will be argue & disagree with you

That is my father, your father


Healthy or sick, soldier or civillian

His love & care for you is uncomparable

His faith & belief in you is unremovable

His blessings for you is untouchable

That is my father, your father


Born in the ancient lands of history

Growing up listening to the oldman’s story

But still burdening yourself & feeling sorry

For going to school boarding a lorry

Not knowing you had won a life lottery


Lucky to be raised up by two parents

Strong & brave despite living in tents

Since you could not afford the rents

Humble but vissionary by saving enough cents

Ready to fight tomorrow’s currents


Smart, cute and educated

Ripe and ready to be harvested

Being an inspiration for the new talented

Filled with hope & life ensuring you are trusted

With the world knowing you are committed


Saved & bathing in christianity

Encouraging young ones to explore their opportunity

Knowing their future depends in their creativity

Promoting peace, love and humility

You are a symbol of success to the community