imageThe night screen had hung down, the celestial space had become pitch black and the vast landscape was void black. “Hurrayyy!!! Uu-uuh!! Hurrayyy!!!” Ululations are heard. Black is born, somewhere in the land of black. The finest colour of art, black, finds its way into the world, widely populated and is raised in the midst of the most beautiful landscape filled with natural escarpments,sceneries and animals, Africa. Suddenly, “uuuuiii!! heeeelp!! woooii!!” Death invades the free lands and cries are all over, the lands are conquered. Black stares into the peaceful blue sky one day,thinking if people living up there really have problems. But black, filled with the courage of Martin Luther King stands strong and wins back their land. Through unity,attitude and belief, black creates fashion and swag in the modern world. Belief made black. Black made Africa. Africa!-Made of Black
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