1000 Years Love: Family


The happiest day for campus students is always the last day of the semester, after the final exams paper when one is free to go home. Home to family, family which is God’s gift to you just as you are to them. I was born into the most remarkable and eccentric family i could possibly have hoped for, no matter the socio-economic status. I feel born again, energized and healthy when i am around my parents, siblings and relatives. The feeling you get when you all go without a meal while at home with your family is totally different with what you experience when alone or at work or in school since family means no one is left behind or forgotten, everybody gets along at the same pace no matter the situation. The love of a family is much more important than either wealth or privilege. Family portrays unconditional love, the affection each member gets without conditions or any limitations, the true altruism. Just as American singer and song-writer Christina Perri sung the song “A Thousand Years”, family love is love for a 1000 years. A mothers love for her son or a sons love for his mother will always last forever no matter the time space since family is one of nature’s masterpieces and i’d rather start a family than break one. God made family, family created love. Tennis is just a game, family is forever.

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