❤Roses are Red❤


If their were no words, no way to speak, I would still hear you and if their were no tears, no way to feel inside, I’d still feel for you. I loved you yesterday and even more so today, tomorrow’s a given. And even if the sun refused to shine and romance ran out of rhyme, you would still have my heart until the end of times because you are all I need my love, my valentine.


I have dreamed of this a thousand times seeing you bath with roses red and violets blew and all the sweetest flowers that in the forest grew. You lit a spark, can you see? You make me happy as only you can. Together we stand, together we love. We band together we fit like a glove. We have a great life built by us both, I’ll love you forever, I take this oath. So roses are red and violets are blue, nobody loves anyone as much as I love you.


Les bleuets sont bleus, les roses sont roses.
Les roses sont roses, j’aime mes amours.

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