Smile&Happiness: Friendship


I was sitting outside yesterday, viewing the beautiful moon as the galaxy of stars surrounded the moon like its grandchildren; It was storytelling session, I thought. It’s been 12 years since my grandmother’s last story;friendship. Whenever I remember her smooth voice, tears fill my eyes flowing down my cheeks as my heart beat increases and sweat comes out of nowhere.  She believed in togetherness as the key to defeating life obstacles. She always said the best feeling she gets is when she look out at the people and they look at her smiling indicating love for her. Friends meant a lot to her, so she told me to make as many friends as possible and always try to be happy because happiness enlightens the day and kills boredom or sadness.


It’s been four semesters for me in campus. Can you guess how many faces I have enlightened and friends made? It’s more than the total marks of a mathematics paper.  I treasure my friends, I respect my friends, I believe in my friends,  I help my friends,  I love my friends and I share with my friends. People wonder, how do I flirt with all the ladies in my class, speak with everyone in class and greet a dozen more on my way to or from classes?  It’s all about putting a smile in your face,  a smile which is just below your nose and from your heart interact with each other. It’s really lovely when you look at someone with a smile on your face and they smile back not because they know why you are smiling but because that’s enough to make them happier. Your smile, a sign of joy, can change the  day of the heart broken.


This one;ooh my God! Only death will separate our friendship. She is the best of the best there will ever be. She is the most trusted and respected friend I have ever had. Young and beautiful, filled with heart of kindness and peace,  she is of no match even in the angels’ world. Being one of the first friends I made in campus, I will always treasure you my dear petal,my friend, my palm whine. 😝😍;)


Wow! I am already blushing.  Whenever I see her, my heart always beats fast. I don’t know why?  The first ever friend to meet on my first day in campus, seeing her during my first lecture in campus, I had already liked her. A young lady filled with compassion and kindness,  soft spoken, bright and focused, she is always in a class of her own. A friend and a crush forever,  I will always treasure and love you. You forever will remain a friend. African love boo. 😘. Oops! 😝😝


These two friends are like diamonds to me, bright, beautiful, valuable and stylish. They are just among the many friends I have. Friendship is like a special love and true friends are hard to get, when you get one, you have to hang on it. Always give a stranger one of your smiles, it might be the only sunshine he sees all day and when someone is in a bad mood,  look them in their eyes and tell them to smile, they will always smile and clean up a bit because with your smile, you make life more beautiful. Friends help, give hope, encourage, love and treasure. You can make it. Be yourself. Smile. Smile because peace begins with a smile. Be friendly.

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