The dark night had fallen. The temperature was angel perfect as purple shooting stars gleamed outside the rainbow window. The aroma of Cherry-sweet Java Plum tree outside the room, as sweet as honeybeer filled the room. I was exhaling softly, as thin sweat came out of my masculine Spartan body. The experience I had was that which comes one in a lifetime, like a wish, an Ogres wish. The feeling I got could move the Mongolian mountains to the West. Next to me she lay, her decanter shaped body beaming with small shinning misty sweat. She was chocolate made. Her breath made me warmer as she thrust her soft nipples, softer and smoother than a Monks head on my chest. Her thighs were warmer than Pharaoh’s blanket, and I could feel them in my veins.


She pounced on me like a Queen dragon, turning me over and over. Her sky-blue bronze eyes, shining like the Sword of Truth gazed at me as she gisted her kinky blonde Afro on my neck. Her voice, misty and soft, sweeter than honey cream pierced through the timid air, breaking the silence. She was a nectar in a bee’s hive. Her giggles made me immortal, with her blueberries lips immersing me in the past silver memories.


She was mint. Her fingers were milky, swaying gently. I didn’t want her to stop. She was enticing, slow and with high tempo, tearing the pink pillow apart as glowing butterfly wools filled our master mansion bed. Her princess smile made me hold her gentle and tight, holding her around me, bodies together and I kissed her down to the heart. I didn’t want to stop, I was feeling and seeing pleasure. She was my god, my paradise.

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