It was time. The night dragon was awaken, vomiting pitch black fire. The sky turned tar-black. A galaxy of twin pink, purple, shinning stars glittered all over the void heaven. The prince of the night was born, precious than dragon eggs. The ancestors of the history of black people had answered African prayers. The ever lasting beautiful and attractive natural African escarpment was filled with immortal joy.


The white settlers epidermic had infected Africa for more than a decade years now. Thousands and thousands, best of the best of the rock-muscled African warriors had tried to fight the white ghosts but all failed. The white had a faster exploding witchcraft which easily destroyed the African magic spears, bows, arrows and committee warriors. Kingdoms, Chiefdoms and clans were all overpowered. Then came slavery. Our history, traditions and customs were violated as our boys were turned into negroes in the West and black whites across the globe working for the whites. African natural resources were over exploited  and she was being murdered slowly.


The light had shone. The son of the night dragon had risen. Tall and dark, loaded with muscles and braver than the whole Spartan army, he was the key to ending the white reign. He built an immortal army that even monks feared, united all the blacks, whether from Northern, Western, Eastern, Central or Southern parts. All stood in his name. He was the Bluetooth of Africa, uniting and bringing together every single black. The African warriors were fierce. It was a black tsunami. The whites finally left our historical lands promising to stay with peace and surrendering power. Africa was united. The spirit of the Bluetooth of Africa still stands strong and runs in our blood veins.

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