It’s You.

Pink clouds roomed all over the vast golden sky filled with sweet odour of necta from the blue blueberries flowers as purple birds rythimically sung soul touching love songs to us, to you.

So precious. You are so precious to me, unto the angels and the seven heavens. Precious is you that I felt your humour and beauty when we were still angels in heaven. Nothing can stop me, even dragon fire can’t burn my desire for you. My heart always felt you, saw you and loved you. I’m lost in you that even therapy can’t help me.

So strong. You are so strong in the heart that I would cross heavens and oceans for you. My heart had found a soul mate. Nothing could stop its desire. Your blue eyes had shone a light in my path, breaking and killing darkness that would block my heart. 

It’s you. It’s you. It’s you.


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