A Thousand and One Nights

The wind was warm and singing to us,blowing smoothly filled with the aroma of Strawberry flowers from the neighbourhood. Purple-pink stars glittered all over the seven heavens, lighting the pale sky. The night was a teeneger  and chatoyant. Her body was gold, shinning all over the bulcony with her gothic attire ravishing in my sight. She turned around, her eyes were blue with velvety-eyelashes. Her smile melted ice.

She was bubbly, showing just how beauteas she was. We were twins, stuck in each other, immersed in Romeo and Juliet blood, even magma cannot burn our love. She was my dream, my lottery. Having her was a blessing from God. Her moonshadow-black hair tickled and danced around her cherry neck as we sipped Lincoln Fire Whiskey which completed a fine moonnight giggle. And with her around, Oh My! She complete me. She was my a thousand and one nights.


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