I am a shadow

A shadow of my grandfather’s father

A shadow of my blood and roots

A shadow of kuntahood, strength and survival

A shadow of African pride and success


I am the light

The light of peace, harmoney & love

The light of knowledge and success

The light of fruits and honey

The light that kills darkness


I am a sun

A sun that brings health

A sun that brightens the day

A sun that breeds nature

A sun that made man strong



I am the wind 

The wind of kisses & berries

The wind of warmth & smiles

The wind of rains of life

The wind of pride


I am love

Love of family

Love of the nights & days

Love of peace & unity

Love of the world



12 thoughts on “I

  1. I am everything creation intended me to be, royal, anointed, handpicked, called out for impact and I am much more than you can imagine even my imagination of me is limited to what He has instore

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  2. I am pretty, blue eyes genes of my mum. Sexy wasp’s hips wiggling with the sway of the palm trees
    I am a rose, a white rose pure but thorny…amazing dear

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