Falling Leaves💔💘

My heart was healthy

Healthy like the Jacaranda tree

Alive in the garden of our love

Growing healthy because you were there

Standing and fighting since you were my smile

Staying alive during death and sorrow for you

My leaves are falling dear love

Because you left me when I needed you the most

I miss you dear, my strength I had

I’m losing my branches and strength

Since you were my life, my strong stem

I am falling day by day dear love

Do not let me die after all we had

Together in the moon & stars of summer

Together in the sea of kisses and hugs

Together in the waters of smiles & sweets

Don’t let it die so soon my ❤

Because I still heart you the deepest

Come back to me, to my rescue

Come save my falling leaves

You still have a place in me

Oh My dear love, oh my dear love


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