The mornings are night and dark to me

My tears are red and sour

The wind and air are dry and poisonous

Chillies have grown in my heart

For you left a hole in my heart

I can’t take it anymore dear

Knowing you are out there somewhere

The voice that sparkled and relished me

The smile that brightened my day

The eyes that held and lead me

You dont realize what we had

You dont realize all the sacrifices I had to keep for us

I can’t hold it together anymore

And my friends think am crazy

But they just dont get it

No sunlight, cloud and stars because I lost you

Nothing is so precious as you

For you were my sleep and breath

For you made me think am You

My soul is darkening

Is it because am too black?

Is it because am broke?

Is it because of my last name?

Nothing can save me

Even morphine can’t help

Even religion can’t save me

Because my soul is broken

Because every time I close my eyes

The only thing I see is You.


10 thoughts on “BROKEN SOUL

  1. This is such an emotional poem reflecting the sadness at the end of a relationship.. Life always moves on – it’s up to us to make it moving on for the better…
    Angel Blessings xx

    Liked by 1 person

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